DRIVEN at Emory's Chapel March 1st

The gospel group "DRIVEN" will be singing at Emory's Chapel Church on Sunday, March 1st at 6:00 p.m.



The Noblemen at Knifley Chapel BIC

The Noblemen will sing at Knifley Chapel Brethren In Christ Church on Sunday evening, March 1st, 6:00 p.m. CT.



A.C. Soil Conservation Sponsoring FREE Soil Testing Jan. - March

The Adair County Soil Conservation District will be sponsoring FREE soil testing during the months of January, February, and March of 2015.  All Adair County landowners are eligible to receive seven (7) FREE soil samples. The free samples are through the UK Adair County Cooperative Extension Service only.  Soil probes for collecting samples may be borrowed from the Extension Office, which is temporarily located at 42 Grant Lane in Columbia and landowners should bring your soil for testing to that location.  

If you have any questions about soil testing, or this free program, contact the Extension Office at 270-384-2317.



STOP Tipline

Adair Co. Schools Announces STOP Tipline …Report bullying and other risky behavior online!


If students, parents or community members know of an unsafe situation in school (bullying, weapons, drugs or alcohol, etc.), they can anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by locating the STOP Tipline logo on the Adair Co. Schools’ website as well as on each school site. More information can be found about the tip line at



LiHeap Crisis Phase Applications

Applications for the LIHEAP Crisis program are being taken now through March 31, 2015 or until funds are expended.

Applicants must bring the following:

    Most recent heating bill or verification that heating expenses are included in the rent

    Social Security Numbers or Permanent Residence Card Number for each member of the household

    Proof of all household income from the preceding month

LIHEAP Crisis program assists eligible households experiencing a home heating crisis. Benefits are made payable to the heating vendor, up to a maximum amount based on income.

To qualify for assistance with our LIHEAP Crisis program your household income must be at or below the following, relative to household size:

    Household Size     Gross Monthly Income     Household Size     Gross Monthly Income
          1                               $1.265                              5                             $3,024
          2                               $1,705                              6                             $3,464
          3                               $2,144                               7                            $3,904
          4                               $2,584                               8                            $4,344

    (Add $440 for each additional family member above 8)

You must be responsible for home heating costs or pay heating costs as an undesignated portion of rent and you must be within 4 days of running out of wood, coal, propane, fuel oil, or kerosene OR you must have received a disconnect/past due notice from the vendor. (For example, a past due notice, termination notice, or final notice).