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Win Ground Meat on Groundhog's Day

WAIN Groudhog Contest Banner 2017

Way to go to our winners for winning some ground hog on Groundhogs
Day thanks to Fairplay Meat Processing.  

Deborah Bryant
Barbara Melton
Allan Corbin
Shirley Reliford
Sylvester Harman
Nina Cheatham
Rilda Firkins
Carol Johnson
Cindy Litteral
Melody Hadley
Jean Wheeler
Brandi Garrett
Janet Harmon
Tina Johnson
Angella Parnell




Money, Money, Money. It's $100 Bill Giveaway Time

WAIN 100 Bill Giveaway Contest 2017

Sharpen up your listening skills along with your pencils! 
It's the $100 Bill Giveaway time! Six lucky winners will
a $100 bill if they can correctly name all of the
and numbers in the serial number on the
$100 bill. Be
listening daily to McKinney in the Morning
for your clues
to win! 

Diane Rowe: 1/12/17
Kenny Absher 1/19/17
Ashley Bennett 1/26/17
Amanda Hamlett 2/3/17
Deborah Bryant 2/15/17


Contest Rules

Click HERE for the WAIN Contest rules.