We Have Our Winners

We have our first winner in the WAIN
$100 Bill Contest!  Congratulations,
Ashley Bennett!
WAIN 100 Bill Winner 2015 1
Pictured left to right:  Sherri McIvter of WAIN, winner Ashley Bennett,
and Lisa Clark of WAIN


We have another winner in the contest! 
Congratulations, Deborah Bryant!

WAIN Deborah Bryant Winner 1
Deborah Bryant


And, yet another winner!  Congratulations, Lesley!
WAIN Lesley Lacey Contest Winner 1
Lesley Lacey




Congratulations to all our Contest Winners!


April 10--Debbie Selby

April 17--Martha Foster

April 25--Bradley McClister



April 01--Anita Barnett

April 02--Steve Gadberry

April 03--Gary Harmon

April 06--Joyce Kelley

April 07--Jeremy Dial

April 08--Kenny Absher

April 09--No Winner Due to ST. Jude Marthon

April 10--Ray Price

April 13--Lakeisha Murrell

April 14--Felicia Corbin

April 15--Rosemary Bennett

April 16--Janet Antle

April 17-- Alan Corbin

20--Cherita McFarland

April 21--Donna Melson

April 23--Angela Parnell

April 24-- Erica Hall


April 27--Wanda Curry

April 28--Deborah McClister

April 29--Buck Taylor

April 30--Debbie Burton



May 1--Ruth Melson

May 4--Barry McGaHa

May 5--Janice Kelley



April 01--Gladys Jessie/Ricky & Tammy Bledsoe

April 02--Twila Holt/Patrick & Brady Loy

April 03--Cameron Garmon/No Anniv's

April 06--Elanie Wilson/No Anniv's

April 07--Robert Redmon 95/James & Margaret Kimler 56 Yr's

April 08--Trey Garmon 20/No Anniv's

April 09--Corey Furkins/No Anniv's

April 10--Ray Price 80/No Anniv's

April 13--Otha Conner Murrell 65/No Anniv's

April 14--Kayla Thomas/Lonnie & Karen Page

April 15--Briley Burns/No Anniv's

April 16--Jr. Dail 72/No Anniv's

April 17-- Mirah Murphy/James & Sharon Roberts

April 18--Donna Price/Ronald & Linda Cook

April 20--Tracy Jones/Charles & Alam Gren

April 21--Rebecca Grant/Larry & Tammy Franklin

April 23--Jacob Morrison 13/Vern & Fannie Mae Mast

April 24--Velamie Brock/ No Anniv's

April 25--Allison Burton/Ralph & Bobbi Hadley


April 27--Jean LaFave/No Anniv's

April 28--Edward Browning/Adam & Kelly Grant

April 29--Betty Sue Crawhorn/Steve & Kelly Franklin

April 30--Emily Billingsly/No Anniv's



May 1--Lea Ann Sullivan/ No Anniv's

May 4--Darika Conover/John & Lila Ford

May 5--Chanley Otterson/Wendel & Sherley Hoover




You could be added to this list - so keep listening to 93.5 Hot Country and checking our website for our next great contest - courtesy of Bank of Columbia! 

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