Now through until all the items have been found, 93.5 FM Hot Country will give a clue each day of the location
of a prize valued at least $100.00!  Prizes will be hidden somewhere in the city limits of Columbia in a container.
Bring the container to 93.5 Hot Country on Highway 206 to redeem your prize.
How do you get a clue? Check this page (our Contest page) and the WAIN Facebook page daily, or listen to
93.5 FM WAIN Hot Country during the morning show and around 12:15 p.m. for clues!
Prizes include: Jewlery, an Oreck vacuum cleaner from Lawless & Smith Appliance Center,
Beech Bend Park tickets and much more!  
All winners of prizes will be placed into a Grand Prize Drawing for $$$!!
THE PRIZE has been found!  Congratulations to Keisha Skaggs who found the container under a tree at the Trabue House.  
Stay tuned to 93.5 WAIN for information on the next prize and clues!
Leann and Colton Parnell found the prize today!  Thank you for playing.
 LaShay Stapleton found the prize last Friday!  Good job!
Aleisa, Kaydence and Robbie Karnes found the prize today and won a basket full of goodies including Beech Bend Park tickets!

Amanda Abbott was our winner of the first prize in our contest, congratulations Amanda!
The Turpin family found our 2nd prize in the Hot Country Scavenger Hunt! The next prize and clue will be on Monday, July 11th. Be listening for the clue! Thank you for playing!
Jerrad, Elizabeth & Kylin Turpin
WAIN Scavanger Hunt Photo 2
Dont' forget to thank our Contest sponsors:

Rex's Cycle Shop
Central Financial Services
Lawless and Smith Appliance Center
Anderson's Pizzeria 
Farm 2 Furniture 
Bank of Columbia




Halloween Contest Winners

 October 24 : Wanda Curry - loser

                            Sue Smith - loser



 Scavenger Hunt Grand Prize Winner

Leann & Colton Parnell


McDonald's Breakfast Winners! Country Music Trivia!!!


October 5--Felicia Corbin

October 6--Alberta Janes

October 7 - Larry Dudley

October 10- Deborah Bryant

October 11 Sandra Bell

October 12 Melissa Rooks

October 13 Alex Simpson

October 14 Tony Loy

October 17 Pam Murphy 

October 18 Sandra Neat

October 19 Martha Foster

October 20 Janet Smith

October 21 Tonya Bunch

October24 Miranda Hatcher

Circle R Lunch Special Winners Birthdays

October 5--Riley Johnson

October 6--Janet Antle

 October 7 - Kaitlin Foster

October 10- Eloise Jefferies

October 11 Jay Janes

October 12 Linda Brock

October 13 Pam Hale

October 14 Heather Coomer

October 17 Dawn Wooten

October 18 Sherri Coffey 

October 19 Ricky Roy

October 20 John Shehan

October 21 Carli Burton 

October 21 Walter Baker

October 24 Brandie Coomer

Circle R Anniversary Club Winners 

October 5--Terry & Kathy Grant

October 6--Bobby & Iva Dean Collins

October 10 Jeff & Janet Biggs
October 11 Anthony & Tonya Wall
October 12 Michelle & Mack Hale
October 13 Red & Fran Burris
October 17 Larry & Rosetta Stotts
October 19 Walter & Alene Melson
October 24 Charlie & Betty Hancock
October 7 Tanya Jessie
October 14 Jessie Gaskins
October 21 Cathy Luttrell
October 28