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    It's time for "Tanks-Giving!"  Every weekday in November, WAIN will
give away a $25 gas card to one great listener.  All you have to do is listen for
the turkey starting the car on 93.5 FM Hot Country from November 17th to
November 26th!  When you hear the turkey, call us at 270-384-2134.





Congratulations to all our Contest Winners!


September 5th--Mary Ann Spencer
September 12th--Debbie Selby
September 19th--Kathy Moss
September 26th--Justin Burris
October 3rd--Jennifer Cook
October 10th--Brian Caldwell




Oct. 1--Cherita McFarland

Oct. 2--Rikki Mae Franklin

Oct. 3--Donna Parnell

Oct. 6--Pam Doss

Oct. 8--Janet Antle

Oct. 9--Mike Wall

Oct.10--Brenda Hatcher

Oct. 13--Robin Willis

Oct. 14--Joyce Blair

Oct. 15--Kim Gose

Oct. 16--Adrian Edwards

Oct. 17--Sheila Lawhorn

Oct. 20--Steve Gadberry

Oct. 21--Sheila Dixson

Oct. 22--Pam Murphy

Oct. 23--Martha Lacey

Oct. 24--Angela Parnell

Oct. 27--Kelin Helm

Oct. 29--Michael Withers

Nov. 3--Maryann Spencer

Nov. 5--Lucy Helm

Nov. 11--Latasha Carter

Nov. 12--Janet Harmon

Nov. 13--Isaiah Foley

Nov. 14--Martha Lacey

Nov. 17--Tanya Bunch

Nov. 18--Alan Corbin

Nov. 19--Tina Johnson

Nov. 20--Tiffany Foley

Nov. 21--





Oct. 1st--Jeff Johnson; Jimmy & Sandra Bell

Oct. 2nd--Donna Feese

Oct. 3rd--Marilyn Sneed; Joe & Marjorie Payne

Oct. 6th--Caleb McCallister; Gorson & Jewell Brann

Oct. 7th--Peggy Adkins; Bobby & Iva Dean Collins 63 yrs

Oct. 8th--Matt Mouser; Ray Dean & Marjie Smith 54 yrs

Oct. 9th--Debbie Coffey; Larry & Linda Calhoun 43 yrs

Oct. 10th--Kendrick Rayburn; Wilburn & Pam Fudge 22 yrs

Oct. 13th--Justin Cross; Lucas & Angela Parnell 13 yrs

Oct. 14th--Eric Goodin

Oct. 15th--Callie Jo Compton; Jack & Janis Garnett 54 yrs

Oct. 16--Betty Jo Murphy; Jerry & Nancy Burton 52 yrs

Oct. 17--Sherry Coffey; Marvin & Violet Spoon Oct. 20 Jamie Cowan

Oct. 20--Jamie Cowan

Oct. 21--Carli Burton

Oct. 22--Pat Droman

Oct. 23--Arraya Phelps, 8; Nick & Dnaa Roy

Oct. 24--Mable Ruth Bryant

Oct. 27--Grant Loy

Oct. 29--Trenton Watson, 19; Elmo & Odine Franklin, 37 yrs

Oct. 30--Frances Kelly

Oct. 31--Heather Grider

Nov. 3--Randy Hatcher; Justin & Melissa Bryant

Nov. 5--William Overstreet

Nov. 7--Leslia Hadley; Chris & Cristy Murphy

Nov. 11--Kesha Baker

Nov. 12--Chad Myers

Nov. 13--Timothy Humphress; Jeffrey & Cheryl Rippey

Nov. 14--Jordan Grider; Alvin & Bonnie Spoon

Nov. 17--Katey Parnell

Nov. 18--Teresa Rowe; Tim & Dawn Baker

Nov. 19--Samantha Jones; Sammy & Kathy Hitch, 45 years

Nov. 20--Bailey Richards; Orvis & Shirley Grider




You could be added to this list - so keep listening to 93.5 Hot Country and checking our website for our next great contest - courtesy of Bank of Columbia! 

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