Win Ground Meat on Groundhog's Day

WAIN Groudhog Contest Banner 2017

WAIN believes we should all celebrate Groundhog's Day on February 2nd!  That's why we want you to win
some great sausage from Fairplay Meat Processing.  All you have to do to enter to win our Groundhog's
Day Contest is submit your information below, and tell us 
if you think Punxsutawney Phil will either see
or not see his shadow on February 2nd.  Just type "Yes" or "No" in the Comment section below!  We will 
announce the names of 15 winners on February 2nd during McKinney in the Morning!


Register now:



Money, Money, Money. It's $100 Bill Giveaway Time

WAIN 100 Bill Giveaway Contest 2017

Sharpen up your listening skills along with your pencils! 
It's the $100 Bill Giveaway time! Six lucky winners will receive 
a $100 bill if they can correctly name all of the letters 
and numbers in the serial number on the $100 bill. Be
listening daily to McKinney in the Morning for your clues
to win! 

Diane Rowe: 1/12/17


Who wants to see Justin Moore & Lee Brice???

Be listening to McKinney in the Mornings for your
chance to win 2 ticket FLOOR SEATING tickets to
see Justin Moore and Lee Brice in concert on
January 19, 2017 at the Corbin Arena!! We will be
giving away 2 pair of tickets to 2 lucky winner! 


Dallas York
Jarrett Burton
Mary Spencers
Shannon Feese
Deborah Bryant
Robin Willis
Vicki Petty
Macy Feese Chamness
Jean Wheeler
Allison Muncy
Annette Rowe
Becky Bailey
Martha Foster
Felicia Corbin
Sasha Abbott
David Jones
Cole Price
Tiffany Foley

And the winners are: Shannon Feese and Cole Price! Congratulations!!

Contest Rules

Click HERE for the WAIN Contest rules.




McDonald's Breakfast Winners! Country Music Trivia!!!

January 2 Darlenen Lawhorn
January 3 Carolla Grover
January 4 Erica Hall
January 5 Marlene Clark
January 6 Estille Janes
January 9 Felicia Corbin
January 10 Rachael Cox
January 11 Samantha Brown
January 12 Carrie Burton
January 13 Chris Gilbert
January 16 Mark Collins
January 17 Donna Parnell
January 18 Kenny Absher






Betty's OK Country Cooking Birthday Winners!!

January 2 Lisa Cowan
January 3 Donnie Dire
January 4 Jessie Bray
January 5 Larry Dial
January 6 Lane Burton
January 9 Nealee Tarter
January 10 Dariann Smith

January 11 Carmen Pyles
January 12 Amber Gail Burton
January 13 Anthony Holmes
January 16 Keith Burton
January 17 Flora Claywell
January 18 Paula Warrnen




 Betty's OK Country Cooking Anniversary Club Winners 

Jan. 4 George & JoAnn Todd
Jan. 6 Bo & Pam Murphy
Jan. 11 Billy & Sammy Jo Wesley
Jan. 16 Barry & Susan Tilly