Congratulations to all our Contest Winners!

McDonald's Country Music Trivia:

August 15th--Amber Bledsoe

August 18th--Jamie Shelley

August 19th--Rickie Franklin

August 20th--Janet Harmon

August 21st--Tori Davis

August 22nd--Pam Grant


WAIN Circle R Birthday & Anniversary Club Winners:   

August 15th--Chad Wheet; Gary & Loretta Darling

August 18th--Jean Brock; Ronnie & Melissa Bryant

August 19th--Brook Burton; No WAIN Circle R Anniversary Club winner

August 20th--Preston Gaskin; Frank & Vonda Welliver

August 21st--Danielle Foster; Brian & Tiffany Cheatham

August 22nd--Janis Downey; David & Holly Jessee




You could be added to this list - so keep listening to 93.5 Hot Country and checking our website for our next great contest - courtesy of Bank of Columbia! 

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